What’s Happening Right Now

Bella's puppies are now a month old and starting on solid food.  They are doing well with the solid food, gaining weight rapidly and growing like weeds.  In a month's time they will be ready to go home to their chosen families.

One by one Tiffany's puppies are leaving for their forever homes.  It has been a joy to watch them grow and develop into their unique personalities.  Enjoy these photos of them playing indoors at 7 weeks old.

Our next breeding will be soon as we have a few females coming into heat.  We expect to breed Selena and Caitlyn - both black and silver in colour and perhaps our lovely salt and pepper Layla.  If the breedings are successful, these puppies will be ready to go to homes in May and June.  Contact me if you are interested in providing a home for these gorgeous miniature schnauzer puppies.