Welcome to Ebonylyn’s Kennel

At Ebonylyn, we love Miniature Schnauzers!

Ebonylyn's is a registered breeder with the Canadian Kennel Club located on the outskirts of Ottawa, Ontario. We have been breeding these robust little dogs for the past 20 years.  Typically our kennel produces 3 - 4 quality litters each year  from our champion males and females.  I have a waiting list for puppies, so if you are interested in one of my dogs, I encourage you to contact me via email or phone.

Since entering the show ring in 2006, I have produced 22 champion Miniature Schnauzers and one Grand Champion. I compete in various confirmation shows around the Eastern Ontario region.  On occasion, I look for show homes for potential champions and future breeding.  If you are interested in becoming a show home or would like more information on what a show home is all about, do not hesitate to inquire.

I invite you to browse through my website that includes information on my breeding stock, the puppies produced by beautiful champion bitches and dogs, our show ring program and up to date information on the status of litters.  Of course there is a section of photos showing our dogs at work and at play, along with extra cute puppy pictures.

About the Breed - according to the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)

"One of the most popular of the terrier breed, the Miniature schnauzer is of German origin and was developed in the 1890's by crossing small specimens of the Standard Schnauzer with the Miniature Pinscher and/or the affhenpinscher. The breed name comes from the German word Schnauze meaning “snout or muzzle” or perhaps, more specifically from Schnauzbart meaning “a conspicuous moustache,” a characteristic of all Schnauzers. Starting out in life as a tough barnyard ratter, the Miniature Schnauzer’s engaging personality soon won a place indoors for him as a family pet where he’s been firmly entrenched ever since."

The Miniature Schnauzer will measure from 12-14 in (30-36 cm) and weigh approximately 16 lb (7 kg).  They are alert and active, requiring a daily walk.  As puppies, if you can't hear them or see them, then you better search them out to find out what mischief they could be getting into.  They were bred to search out rats after all! Friendly, intelligent and willing to please, the Miniature Schnauzer is spirited but obedient. They are superb watchdogs, always checking out the backyard or the doorbell.

The Miniature sports a hard, wiry outer coat and a close undercoat.  His non-shedding coat makes him a good choice for fussy housekeepers as well as allergy sufferers.  They do require regular grooming - combing of the legs and beard to prevent matting at home and trips to the groomer to keep the coat at a reasonable length.